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Investment Policy

  • Long-Term Commitment Impactful investments, by acquiring capital holdings with voting rights in Western Balkan countries that are not on the Financial Action Task Force Money Laundering’s list
  • Out of €80M fund, up to 15 sustainable investments in Western Balkans SMEs with good growth trends; focused in medium-to-long term capital growth, multiple investment rounds with concentration limitations and initial tickets €3-9M in minority or majority, by holding shares, quotas, equities and convertible bonds.
  • Full due diligence how to invest well, generate value and disinvest in the best moment
  • Oriented, constantly monitored, weighted and preventive risk management
  • ESG and sustainable development and exit driven approach

We plan to address these with the following benefits our team offers

  • Continuous strategic support in establishing a strong company, following its ongoing development and a responsible exit strategy ensuring company longevity
  • Access to a managerial pool of talent. International experience leveraged onto our portfolio of companies to support their success and continuous development
  • Access to financing for growth and development
  • Commitment to continuous improvement culture that creates stronger, longer lasting companies
  • Working hand in hand with USAID to support female empowerment